We provide INDIVIDUALS, COUPLES, ADOLESCENTS, CHILDREN and THE FAMILY as a unit, the support they may need to help overcome the many challenges in life. We believe in a holistic approach that takes into account all the systems that surround us and the impact of this on our lives.


Corlia Erwee
BA Hons. Stellenbosch University
Registered Psychological Counselor (BPsych, ICP)
Practice no. 0686018
I believe that people can overcome difficult circumstances. We never, ever have to stay where we are. My life story is a testimony of restoration and healing. Sometimes we just need someone to come alongside of us to help us see the open doors and realise that our mountains are not that big. I also believe in a systemic approach. We are made up of our past and our present, we are body soul and spirit and we find ourselves in living breathing systems – families, marriages, friendship circles and workplaces. All of these influence our thinking and our believing. This is where a second pair of eyes – that of the counselor – can be so helpful. Counseling is not fixing. Counseling is helping a client dig deep into their own set of resources to find their own solutions.
Tammy Bruni
Registered Psychological Counselor (BPsych, ICP)
Practice no. 0687421
My passion is to help people find insight and awareness into self and thereby be part of the process of healing their lives.  Life brings all sorts of challenges that at times we cannot deal with alone.  A holistic approach that includes body, soul and spirit is necessary so that the person can receive healing as a while and live an optimal life.  My heart is to nor only help people individually through counseling, but also to help them relationally so that families can thrive and negotiate life’s challenges successfully.
Margaret Clifford
My desire is to see people receive clarity, conviction and stable values. I love it when people have light bulb moments! Each life has a purpose and needs direction and guidance at times and I’m passionate about people being helped to achieve their best. I have empathy for people and want them to succeed! People need to be prepared with skills for their futures and I’d like them to find the best route to confidently move forward!


Some frequently asked questions

How long is a session?

Sessions for individuals are usually 60 minutes.  Children’s sessions are about 45 minutes.  Couples and family counseling sessions can take a bit longer and last anything form 60 – 90 minutes.

How many session do I need?

Treatment plans depend on the individual needs of the client.  We often recommend 4 sessions to gather information and to formulate themes to be looked at.  Further sessions can then be negotiated and if necessary a referral will be made.

What can I expect from counseling?

We work holistically and believe in psycho-education helping the client gain insight into self as well as the challenges they are facing.  We will facilitate the process of understanding triggers, look at poor coping mechanisms as well as how to set goals to achieve a positive outcome.

Can I claim from the medical aid?

We are contracted to the Board of Health Care funders.  If your medical aid plan supports counseling or you have a savings plan, you will be able to claim from your medical aid.

Do you prescribe medication?

We are not qualified to prescribe medicine.  Should you feel it is necessary we will refer you to an appropriate specialist.

Do you do clinic submissions?

We can refer clients for admissions however we will first put the client in contact with a clinical psychologist to handle the admission.  A multidisciplinary team will work with the client at the clinic.



R 650 / Fee per hour


R 650.00 / Fee per hour

Family / Marriage

R 750.00 / Fee per hour


Price / to be advised


R 600.00 / per assessment

Psychometric written report and feedback

R 650.00 / per report


R 200.00 / On request


All accounts are the responsibility of the client.  Should the medical aid not cover outstanding amounts, the client is liable to pay.

We are registered with the Board of Health Care Funders (BHF) as well as the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

If you are not on a medical aid, then kindly settle your account following your appointment.


Empowering you to deal with your medical aid

We encourage our clients to submit their invoices to their medical aids.  We will supply all the necessary information on the invoice that the medical aid requires with regards to practice numbers, procedure codes and ICD 10 codes.  We will e-mail your invoice and you can forward it to your medical aid.

It is up to you to ascertain what your medical aid will cover.  Should you require to apply for PMB (Prescribed Minimum Benefits) we will assist with the application.


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