Adolescents today face many challenges.  More than parents realise, they often do not know how to cope with that is going on in their lives.  They often choose harmful coping mechanisms.  There has been a rise in our community of digital addiction such as gaming and spending too much time on devices or on social media.  Arising from this are many other dangers such as being exposed to harmful material online such as pornography or being cyber-bullied.  There has also been a rise in teen suicides as they are finding it harder to negotiate challenges in their school or home environment.

We work with adolescents and their parents to help them negotiate this difficult developmental stage.  We help them understand what is happening on a physical, emotional, psychological and social level.  We also use psycho-educational material to facilitate the process and help them to explore their identity, values and beliefs.  These are important aspects of this developmental stage.



  • Depression / anxiety
  • Behavioral issues i.e. cutting, substance abuse
  • Bullying / cyberbullying
  • Gaming
  • Boundaries
  • Poor coping skills
  • Assertiveness


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